Drupal blues. Joomla rules (maybe).

Decided to cobble up a site. For the tools, the options were these:

  1. Use a text editor and plain HTML and CSS.
  2. Use one of those site making tools like Dreamweaver.
  3. Use Django.
  4. Use an CMS.

I am not too good with HTML and even worse with CSS. I don’t really like the results of Dreamweaver. I mean, it does get the job done, but to make a good looking site requires a bit of work. Using Django was out of question, what with its vertical learning curve. This left CMS. Did some research, as to which one to use. The Net said that Joomla was the most popular with Drupal close second.

Installed each of these packages and tried both of them. Liked Drupal a bit better, because of its being more intuitive and I was able to start working with it without digging into the documentation, just by guessing the purpose of its building blocks.

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